The Strange Angels is FREE for Kindle!

The Strange Angels, book two in the Heretics in Occupied Eden series, is free for Kindle users this week. From October 23-27, 2017, author Kenneth Alan Moe is offering the book at no charge to celebrate some new updates to the book’s design and branding.

The Strange Angels – Heretics in Occupied Eden Book 2

by Kenneth Alan Moe

Genre: Paranormal/Utopian

Pages: 448

The Strange Angels continues the saga begun in The Floating Boy. Cloud and Terp sojourn in Hawaii and Australia’s Northern Territory before settling into domestic life in Arizona. Yet memories of Xuan and the proximity of Terp’s college roommate Dagmar intrude on their bliss and lead them to deeper metaphysical discoveries. Cloud pursues a career as a history professor, while Terp serves as a mainline parish pastor, until peculiar circumstances draw them toward a previously unimagined vocational partnership. Involvements with the scurrilous preacher T. C. Smith profoundly test and stretch their psychic abilities. Face-to-face encounters with the Old One provide answers and create more questions about the nature of this enigmatic being. And in response to the mystical gravity unintentionally generated when Terp and Cloud are together, a galaxy of extraordinary and gifted people come into their orbit.

Heretics in Occupied Eden is an excellent series for people who are interested in the potential for our world to turn toward utopia. It draws on the theme of returning to Eden, but an Eden without judgment or shame.

Get your free copy of The Strange Angels here!

Start at the beginning with The Floating Boy, available for free on Kindle Unlimited, or otherwise for the low price of $3.99.

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