Heretics by the Numbers

If you’ve been curious about the Heretics in Occupied Eden series but are not sure what you’ll find inside, here is a sampling of peculiar figures relating to the Heretics series:

Each book in the series has at least one hapax legomenon. That’s a word that appears only once in a text, a book, or the entire work of a writer. In this case, each of these is unique not only to the particular book in which it can be found but to all of the books together. If you encounter the word absquatulated somewhere along the way, that’s one of them.

Heretics by the NumbersThroughout the entire series, 269 different songs and musical pieces are mentioned, beginning alphabetically with “Abide with Me” and concluding with “Zorro.” More begin with the letter L (37) than any other  letter, from “La Vie en Rose” to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Not surprisingly, the least represented letter is X, with only “Xanadu” to its credit. The five letters I, L, S, T, and W account for 58% of initial letters of the songs cited (excluding the). Throw in A and M and the share goes to 74%.

Heretics by the Numbers

Fourteen primate species and 44 different sexes and sexual identities appear throughout the books. Nineteen words beginning with X can be found. Thirteen beer brands are mentioned, along with 14 kinds of bowls, and 338 Arizona place names. Also, 21 historic villains and criminals are included, from Axis Sally to Tomas de Torquemada.


Heretics by the NumbersThe names of 100 real schools are cited, 62 colleges and universities, 16 secondary schools, 10 graduate institutions, 4 elementary schools, and 8 assorted others. The list of entertainers (Irving Aaronson to Florenz Ziegfeld) includes 241 names.

And there are nearly 600 fictional character names to keep track of over the course of more than a million words. Don’t be intimidated, however, because most of them appear only briefly and can be quickly forgotten without losing the thread of the story.

More About the Heretics series

The first section of The Heretics Appendix (Book 8) lists and describes every character named and includes genealogy charts. This reference book includes lists and extensive additional narrative material and is slated for publication in 2018.

For now, you can find the entire 7-book series on Amazon.

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